It is our right to speak about anything to anyone


Speak Now entitles you to speak loud and proud; after all you've earned the right to do so, all through the blood and tears shed by your ancestors.

Rant and rave here — your human right.

We want you to view this platform as your one stop for vocalizing your aggravations and annoyances; about anyone, to anyone who pauses to listen.

Speak Now encourages new concepts, new opinions, and more importantly, new ways to evolve and adapt on this conveyor belt of life.

Your voice can be the difference in what is fast becoming a stagnant world filled with inappropriate actions. You can even discuss the most nit-picky, ordinary occurrences; or, you can seek to be more intuitive. Remember, the goal is to be heard, so please join the chorus, and help us promote a few changes.


Power never takes a back step - only in the face of more power.
-- Malcolm X

About Speak Now

Speak Now is a tool to help citizens express their feelings to other citizens who are responsible for the actions of people in positions of trust and responsibility.

  • Phone

    • All calls are recorded and saved for a limited time.
    • Make live calls to other citizens to express your feelings.
    • Have agents make the calls for you.
    • Send automated recordings.
    • Record your own messages
  • SMS Send SMS messages to express your feelings.

  • Celebrity Speakers People lending their voice to a cause.

  • Add contacts Submit contacts for other citizens to contact.